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First we realize the dry aisle (seeds, beans, wheats, nuts: in any type and processing). If dry is running we'll realize frozen aisle Global Food assortments. If frozen is running we'll realize the wet (cans/jars/plastic). And maybe cooled food will follow too much later on.

The realization of this complex comprehensive model has to deliver as fast as possible, as good as possible, at lowest cost as possible. The final target determines this 'How to Realize' it's core: this is a rise to an annual E 50 billion sales within 5 years: therefore playing around is not an option.

The chosen realization method has some main features:
- fully delegated
- fully redundant
- results measuring
- very dynamic
- very fast by parallel trajects

The chosen realization method describes the activities planned, not delivering a detailed time line (activities / time period) (partial objectives / partial check points). Over managing/planning all details in front will not deliver. Over controlling/auditing the on-going process will is not possible: it will secure the delivery. That’s the path we’ll take: controlled/audited freedom/innovation. (‘macro management of target delivering micro managers’) (‘everybody involved will have to perform each month to be able to stay another month’) (‘short/sharp lined freedom/innovation’). As no other path can deliver the comprehensive combination of fast/good/lowcost realization.

Realizing it full redundant means that each project will be delegated to 2 independent teams at that the team that performs the fastest the best quality will stay alive and the losing team will be dismantled (delivering an internal competition on quality/time, that delivers more quality production and less time/budget consumption to the realization process.

Realization of such a complex and comprehensive issue is something we can do: a) we now the final wanted output by heart/mind (not searching for directions), b) we've a lot of experience in realizing blue ocean projects (not searching for methods) and c) we know the used technologies (not new on the block).


Consumer Product Package
Consumer Professional Media
Consumer User Driven Media (regional adjust recipes in user language)
Consumer Website (multilingual)
(getting more in detail on those items here would not serve the overall insight)


Retail Shelves Layout
Retail Aisles Layout
Retail Assortment Localization
Retail Own Media Feed
Retail Chains Sales
Retail Chains Digital Interfaces
Retail Sector Media
(getting more in detail on those items here would not serve the overall insight)


Downstream Location Online Technology
Downstream Location Onsite Technology
Downstream Location Training
(getting more in detail on those items here would not serve the overall insight)


Central Digital Database
Central Digital Redundancy
Central Brand Right Protection
Central Brand Media Relations
(getting more in detail on those items here would not serve the overall insight)


Finance Commercial Banks
Finance Cooperative Banks
Finance Central Banks
(FQE = Food Quantitative Easing: monetary easing targeted on food production: less imports + more exports: better monetary health)
Finance World Financials
Finance Continental Financials
Finance Governments National
Finance Governments Foreign
(getting more in detail on those items here would not serve the overall insight)


Upstream Location Online Technology
Upstream Location Onsite Technology
Upstream Location Training
Upstream NGOs
Upstream Government Organizations
Upstream Government Departments
Upstream Media Feed
(getting more in detail on those items here would not serve the overall insight)


Farmers Website
Farmers Leaflets
(getting more in detail on those items here would not serve the overall insight)


We like the corporate logo of the Global Brands Operator very much.
Another (temperately or permanent) logo could be something like this:
Or a more expressive one (the logo of DesertCorp):

Partnering with a Global Brands Operator

If a Global Brands Operator is interested and sees the Global Food Model as a (huge) part of their future turnover/margin: the board of the Global Brands Operator has to make up their mind on this proposal. It delivers them in exchange for a subordinated loan of E 50 million a huge annual turnover/margin boost (if they graft the Global Food Model onto their roots) that could be dwarf current food sales of the Global Brands Operator. The volume potential just is enormous: having three dedicated aisles in any supermarket worldwide has 'some' turnover/margin contribution....

If they decide that the Global Food Model is a part of their future: the only thing for now they have to do is a funding by a subordinated loan. In exchange of this loan the Global Brands Operator will get the first right to buy any volume of share at actual market prices at any given time (acquire the Global Food Model in any their convenience time scheme). The effect of this subordinated loan on the quarter profit by the Global Brands Operator is zero. This makes funding the Global Food Model independent of existing budgets for the Global Brands Operator. As this is a subordinated loan: Global Food CV could use it as equity is further finance.

The legal entity will be a CV according to dutch law. The Global Brands Operator could step in any wanted moment as the hidden 'vennoot' (non liable shareholder, still out of sight). The Global Brands Operator can take share in Global Food CV 'on board' / 'on balance' on any by them wanted moment. The CV could be transfered into a NV if the Global Brands Operator want that (so that their position will be disclosed in the public records of the Chamber of Commerce too).

Needed on the Global Brands Operator's side:

a) choice yes/no
b) signing of the venture doc
c) transfering the subordinated loan

Needed on Planck Foundation's side:

a) making it happen
b) realizing the whole further finance (based on the subordinated loan as equity, etc)
c) delivering the Global Brands Operator the first right to buy any share in Global Food CV at any given time


2014/XX/XX meeting
2014/XX/XX decision
2014/XX/XX signing
2014/XX/XX start realization
2014/XX/XX possible start implementation into the Global Brands Operator

Venture Contract


Global Brands Operator
Address Etc


Planck Foundation
Address Etc


Global Food CV
Address Etc

Global Brands Operator and Planck Foundation will join forces to create the so called Global Food Model.

Planck Foundation will realize the entity Global Food CV.

Planck Foundation will realize everything (and will start with this within one week after signing).

Planck Foundation will disclose anything for the Global Brands Operator anytime anyplace wanted.

Planck Foundation will realize all future finance needs by both market financials and the WorldBank.

Global Brands Operator can stay in the background as long as they wish.

Global Brands Operator will loan Global Food CV E 50 million on subordinated terms.

Global Brands Operator has the first right to buy the shares for actual market price on given any moment they want.

Global Brands Operator can do that with cash or shares.

For Global Brands Operator:


For Planck Foundation:



A rise within 5 years to at least an additional E 50 billion additional food sales. Realized by dedicated aisles in the locations of supermarket chains worldwide. Assortment will be localized on local eating habits/demands to thrive sales maximal. So the ideal global/local merge to thrive sales in any cultural/ethnic environment.


Realization paths/methods/details/timetables can't be described that much in front. As realization is an art: an attitude, a state of mind. The evident question is: Can we deliver realization? Can we do it fast/lowbudget in high quality in a way that it could be grafted in the Global Brands Operator?

We know that we can: We're high talented kickstarters by nature. When exponential growth is over we're out (we're no emperors, we're generals). The Global Brands Operator is better in long term operation, we're just effective kickstarters.

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